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We are unreservedly committed to providing comprehensive services of the highest quality, promptly executed with integrity and professionalism.

Our skilled and dedicated personnel apply innovative technology and systems to enhance these services. 

We undertake to work with our clients to ensure that we meet their needs and achieve solutions of benefit to all.


Because in a highly competitive industry the consultant must provide added value to any project. We are able to achieve added value through our core strengths as listed below. 

Our services are:

  • delivered on time

  • of consistent high quality

  • based on our proven track record

  • available supplementary services


We believe that SBDS gives added value through attention to detail, comprehensive back-up and early reaction to cost changes which may beneficially or adversely affect the project, together with stringent quality control on the standard of our work and emphasis on cost limit establishment and control. 

This is brought about by:

  • making our clients requirements our highest priority

  • satisfying client needs through understanding their business and developing long-term relationships

  • providing the client with real commercial benefit thereby giving them a competitive commercial edge

  • our commitment to excellence

  • our hands on partner commitment

  • our available partner and staff experience

  • our proactive and personal service

  • recognising that our people are our greatest strength

  • our capacity to service projects

  • our knowledge of conditions in the construction and property industries

  • our commitment to effective cost control

  • innovating to make a real difference to both our client and client’s business

SBDS is committed to the change that technology demands and is continually remodelling systems to operate with the latest available technology.

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